Bob & The Massive Mellow

Bob is a folk Singer-songwriter who makes music that is Earthy, funky & positive, with a strong World music influence.

He is a passionate advocate of the 'Live Simply' movement that is currently spreading around the Globe, & is a keen practitioner of Yoga, Meditation and living naturally. He is actively engaged in bringing about much-needed change to outdated systems in the World, & his songs have this message running strongly through them.

Having previously lived in a busy city for 10 years working the 9-5 lifestyle & fronting World Roots band THE RUFFNESS in the evenings, Bob experienced serious health issues in the form of M.E, and was forced to change how he lived. He moved out of the city to a rural farm, & was forced to confront how he was living.

Gradually over 3 years, he built his health up again, learning tools like Meditation, the practice of Yoga, & Organic food - and in particular found solace in re-immersing himself in his musical roots. This time coming from a Slower -but surer- place.

'Bob Hillary & the Massive Mellow' formed in 2010, & recorded their debut Album, 'Nature's Pace' in a Studio in the hills of Scotland. The Producers wife, Sam Brown-(Pink Floyd) sang harmonies on the album. The album gained the attention of The Big Chill Label & they signed a 3 album deal.

After 2 years of making waves on the UK Festival scene and playing at Glastonbury in 2012, they recorded the Album 'LOVE', with folk singer Carrie Tree singing on the album. Gaining national radioplay & rave reviews, the Album was released in the US by Atrain Records. Bob has received 100's of letters from people around the world saying how much the album has helped them.

Bob & his merry band of troubadours continue to tour in the UK, New Zealand, Australia & Europe - attracting growing audiences of people who resonate with their music.

Bob & band are currently working with REAL WORLD Studios producer Ben Findlay, on Bobs third Album 'SIMPLIFY'. An album of songs written on the road, & titled 'Simplify' as a reaction to the increasingly overfast pace of life, & over-reliance on technology in this day & age. They aim to release this message through music into the world in 2019.